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The National All Breeds Junior Heifer Show

100 Heifer Lottery Tickets

100 Heifer Lottery Tickets

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Introducing the Inaugural Heifer Show Lottery!

This year, NABJHS is excited to launch a new initiative: the Inaugural Heifer Show Lottery! Here’s your chance to select one heifer out of eight generously donated by our supporters.

How It Works:

  • Pre-Ticket Sales: Purchase your tickets for $10 each until 5 PM the afternoon before the Celebrating 30 Years Gala Dinner. Every $10 you spend gives you one entry into the draw, with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets.
  • Gala Dinner Auction: At the Gala Dinner, we will auction off tickets valued at $1000 and above. The highest bidder of the night will receive a special prize you won’t want to miss!
  • Winner Announcement: After the auction, the winning ticket will be drawn. The successful ticket holder will get to pick one heifer from the eight donated.

Important Note: You do not need to be on-site to claim your prize.

All proceeds will go towards making our 2025 event bigger and better. Let's aim to raise $30,000 for 30 years of NABJHS!

Special Thanks: We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Blackjack Shorthorns, GB Livestock, Llandillo Herefords, Winchester Livestock, Berdihold Limousins, Wondeina Fleckvieh, Goondoola Livestock, and Waitara Angus for their generous support in offering the heifers. Detailed information on the heifers will be available soon, and they will be on display throughout the event.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to support NABJHS and potentially select your own heifer from our esteemed donors.

Join us in celebrating and making the next NABJHS even more spectacular!

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