2024 Partnerships

Partnerships Available for 2024

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National All Breeds Junior Heifer Show (NABJHS) in 2024, we are excited to offer unique partnership opportunities that provide unparalleled visibility and engagement with our vibrant community of young cattle enthusiasts, their families, and industry professionals. Becoming a sponsor of NABJHS is not just an investment in an event, but a commitment to nurturing the future leaders of the livestock industry.

Our packages offer a range of benefits designed to maximize your brand’s exposure, including naming rights for various segments of the show, prominent logo placement, exclusive on-site promotion opportunities, and direct engagement with participants through workshops and presentations. This year, we are particularly focused on enhancing the educational and experiential aspects of the show, and we welcome sponsors who share our vision of excellence and innovation.

Partnerships at NABJHS also means contributing to a cause that values ethics, leadership, and sustainable practices in agriculture. Your support helps us provide top-tier programs, mentorship opportunities, and a platform where young individuals can thrive and showcase their skills.

We invite you to join us in this milestone year and become a key partner in an event that shapes the future of the livestock industry. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact Annie, the NABJHS Coordinator, via email at nabjhs@gmail.com or call 0458 660 091.

Look at this link to see our partnerships available. Together, we can make the 2024 NABJHS the most impactful event yet!